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Bart Blanpain – A bird’s eye view of the slag valorization work at KU Leuven
Plenary lecture

Symposium Topics

Session 1: Slag properties

  • Thermodynamic properties of slags
  • Thermal properties of slags
  • Electrical conductivity of slags
  • Rheological behaviour of slags
  • Slag structure
  • Slag modelling
Session 1: Slag properties
Michael Müller – Experimental investigation and modelling of the viscosity of oxide slag systems
Plenary lecture
paper presentation
Peter Hayes – Recent experimental and modelling research on the thermodynamics and phase equilibria of multi-component oxide systems
Plenary lecture
paper presentation
Fredrik Engström – Influence of slag mineralogy on possibilities for use in alternative applications
Keynote lecture
paper presentation
Sunghee Lee – A study on the phase fractional and compositional effect of slag on the desulphurisation for slag recycling
Rauf Hurman Eric – Chromous capacities of ferrochromium and matte smelting slags paper
Mojca Loncnar – Leaching and geochemical modelling of a metallurgical slag heap paper presentation
Marjaana Karhu – Characterisation of steel industry slag suitability as raw material for refractory castables paper presentation
Luckman Muhmood – Surfacce tension studies of molten CaO Al2O3 jets – Oscillating Jet Method paper
Xuefeng Bai – Study on the recycling of hot decarburisation slag in dephosphorisation converter paper presentation
Xiao Xiao Gao – Study of the blue/green colour of blast furnace slag based materials paper presentation
Harrison Hodge – Bauxite residue sinter phase transformations paper presentation
Piotr Migas – High-temperature rheometry of selected metallurgical slags and precipitated fine solids paper presentation
Gaurav Tripathi – Effect of static and dynamic experimental conditions on the dissolution behaviour of alumina in BOF slags paper presentation

Session 2: Slag solidification and energy recuperation

  • Slag crystallization behaviour
  • Slag freeze lining
  • Slag solidification and mineralogy
  • Slag solidification modeling
  • Heat recovery
Session 2: Slag solidification and energy recuperation
Jung-Wook Cho – Kinetics and morphological evolution during melt crystallisation of mould fluxes
Plenary lecture
Juncheng Li – Crystallisation behaviour of liquid CaO-SiO2-FeO-MnO slags in moist gas atmospheres
Keynote lecture
paper presentation
Chunwei Liu – Effect of Al2O3 addition on the crystallisation of a high basicity BOF slag: perspective of glass forming ability for slag valorisation paper
Yu Li – Convert hot slag into value-added materials by modification methods
Leandro Voisin – Effects of clay minerals on viscosity and copper entrainment losses in smelting slags paper
Youva Raj Tyagi – Solidification and stabilisation of waste wood to produce enriched green concrete for environmental protection and waste minimisation through mecalithe© technology paper presentation

Session 3: Clean slag production and metal recovery

  • Hot stage slag engineering
  • Pyrometallurgical slag refining (e.g. fuming)
  • Slag-metal interactions
  • Addition of fluxes
  • Sedimentation phenomena for metal recovery
  • Metal-slag separation after solidification
Session 3: Clean slag production and metal recovery
Bernd Friedrich – The submerged arc furnace (SAF) state of art in metal recovery from non-ferrous slags
Plenary lecture
paper presentation
Bror-Magnus Heegaard – ARCFUME: metal recycling and deep-cleaning of slags
Keynote lecture
paper presentation
Dong Jun Shin – Selective recovery of phosphorus and manganese from steelmaking slag by carbothermic reduction paper presentation
Yanling Zhang – Thermodynamic prediction of chromium reduction behaviour from slag paper presentation
Wesley Banda – Metallothermic production of cement extender from manganese waste slags paper presentation
Willie Nheta – Investigation on the mechanisms of bio-processing vanadium slags paper presentation
David Friedmann – Slag design for zero waste metallurgy of marine manganese nodules
Vincent Cnockaert – Metal droplet entrainment by solid particles in slags: a phase field – experimental approach paper presentation
Elise Francois – Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: a step closer to on-line quality control of slags? paper presentation
Simon Michaux – Comparison of electrodynamic fragmentation and crushing of converter slag and EOL bricks paper presentation
Antoine Floribert Mulaba-Bafubiandi – Microorganisms assisted dissolution of smelter and matte-slag products paper
Antoine Floribert Mulaba-Bafubiandi – Froth flotation to replace electric furnace for nickel loss reduction in the flash furnace slag paper
Theofani Tzevelekou – Coproduction development of mineral wool and low nickel-FeNi by feeding of ALUFLUX paper presentation
Camila Pizarro – Determination of the behaviour of valuable metals during the controlled cooling of copper smelting slags to clarify their recovery by grinding and flotation paper presentation
Leandro Voisin – CFD predictive model to determine the sedimentation and coalescence of entrained copper during controlled cooling process of copper smelting slag paper presentation
Lijun Wang – Recovery of iron, vanadium, manganese, chromium, and titanium from vanadium slag by molten salt electrolysis paper presentation

Session 4: Sustainable cements with slag

  • Molten slag engineering for new binders
  • Additives for OPC clinker
  • New clinkers
  • Slags as pozzolanic and latent hydraulic binders for blended cements
  • Environmental footprint of new binders
  • Durability aspects of new binders
Session 4: Sustainable cements with slag
Didier Lootens – Modernisation of the construction: materials – testing – application to 3D printing
Keynote lecture
Andreas Ehrenberg – Electrical arc furnace slag – a potential substitute for Portland cement clinker and granulated blast furnace slag?
Keynote lecture
Emanuela Manolova – Utilisation of iron-silicate fines as replacement of fine aggregates in cement concrete pavements paper presentation
Marcel Bruin – Slag cements: Green, strong and cool! paper presentation
Ludovic Andre – Utilisation of activated GGBS for non-reinforced concrete applications paper presentation
Romain Trauchessec – Effect of cooling water chemistry on hydration of granulated blast furnace slag paper presentation
Konstantinos Miltiadis Sakkas – Innovative materials for passive fire protection of concrete paper presentation
David Ariño Montoya – Increasing the Fe2O3/Al2O3 ratio in ordinary Portland cement clinker, aiming to incorporate higher contents of bauxite residue paper presentation
Cécile Diliberto – Modulation of α coefficient by addition of ground blast furnace granulated slag paper presentation
Andreas Ehrenberg – Granulated blast furnace slag – lab-scale investigations vs. reality paper presentation
Tobias Hertel – Pozzolanic activity of thermally treated bauxite residue in blends with ordinary Portland cement paper presentation
Arno Keulen – Physical and chemical performance of treated MSWI bottom ash (fine fraction) as sand replacement in concrete paper presentation
Lubica Kriskova – Synthesis of a hydraulic binder from a Ca-Si based metallurgical residue through high temperature post-treatment paper presentation
Emanuela Manolova – Characteristics of iron-silicate fines as replacement material in cement concrete paper presentation
Sandro de O Almada – Analysis of technical viability of mixture of benefited steelmaking slag (electric arc furnace) and granulated blast furnace slag (charcoal) as mineral admixtures paper
Yiannis Pontikes – Synthesis and characterisation of calcium sulfo-ferroaluminate cement clinker prepared with bauxite residue as raw material paper
Minna Sarkkinen – Dolomite filler as supplementary cementitious material in cold-agglomerated briquetting paper presentation
Youva Raj Tyagi – Use of toxic waste as aggregate to produce eco-friendly concrete without reinforcement in sludgy areas for minimising waste and atmospheric CO2 using MecalitheŽ technology paper presentation

Session 5: Sustainable alkali activated binders and inorganic polymers

  • New binder systems
  • Alternative activating solutions and admixtures
  • Building materials made with slag-rich binders
  • Environmental footprint of new binders
  • Durability aspects of new binders
Session 5: Sustainable alkali activated binders and inorganic polymers
Jannie Van Deventer – Valorisation of slag in construction: so much more than just technology
Plenary lecture
paper presentation
Peter De Vries – Geopolymer concrete in RMC – a challenge!
Keynote lecture
paper presentation
Arne Peys – On a software development that aspires to make residue valorisation easier paper presentation
Alexios P. Douvalis – Investigating the properties of iron in inorganic polymers with 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy paper presentation
Peter Keeley – The effect of slag composition on its performance in the production of alkali activated slag binders paper presentation
Marija Nedeljkovic – Carbonation resistance of alkali-activated slag under natural and accelerated conditions paper
Alexander Wetzel – Aerated concrete based on packing-density optimised AAM
Elijah Adesanya – Effect of fine grinding on the properties of alkali activated ladle slag paper presentation
Lukas Arnout – Effect of the activating solution’s chemistry and volume, on the processing and properties of Fe-Si-Ca-rich inorganic polymers paper
Glenn Beersaerts – Monitoring early-age crack formation in a Ca-Fe-Al-rich inorganic polymer paper presentation
Boyu Chen – Effects of Ca-rich slag addition on fayalite slag-based inorganic polymers paper presentation
Katrijn Gijbels – Mechanical properties of alkali-activated materials based on blast furnace slag and calcium sulphate dihydrate paper presentation
Vincent Hallet – The influence of activating solution on the kinetics and compressive strength of an iron-rich slag paste paper presentation
Antigoni Katsiki – Activation of fayalite slag towards inorganic polymers paper presentation
Ahmed Z. Khalifa – Alkali activation of synthetic gamma di-calcium silicate with pure calcined natural clays paper presentation
Zhenming Li – Autogenous shrinkage of alkali-activated slag-fly ash pastes paper presentation
Pavel Leonardo Lopez Gonzalez – Mechanical performance of inorganic polymer-based mortars with glass fibre reinforced polymer bars paper presentation
Marija Nedeljkovic – Pore structure characterisation of sodium hydroxide activated slag paste paper presentation
Petrica Petrica – Recycling of iron-rich inorganic polymers paper presentation
Arne Peys – The use of ATR-FTIR spectroscopy in the analysis of iron-silicate inorganic polymers paper presentation
Vishojit B. Thapa – Mechanical characterisation of alkali activated clay-based geopolymer binder made out of gravel wash mud paper presentation
Siva Uppalapati – Autogenous shrinkage and strength development of alkali-activated slag/fly ash mortar blends paper presentation
Jorn Van De Sande – Glass forming ability of slags in the FeOx – SiO2 – CaO system and properties of the inorganic polymers made thereof paper presentation
Niels Vandevenne – The effect of Cs and Sr on the mechanical properties of blast furnace slag inorganic polymer for radioactive waste immobilisation paper presentation
Emilio Zornoza – Initial approach to the alkaline activation of ground granulated SiMn slag paper presentation

Session 6: From aggregates to engineered microstructures

  • Porous materials for sound and heat insulation
  • Catalytic applications
  • Ceramics
  • Novel processing routes and applications, e. g. 3D printing, coatings, 3D printing, pigments, etc.
  • Case studies of products in the market
Session 6: From aggregates to engineered
Vít Šmilauer – Engineering microstructures of slag-blended cements and alkali-activated foams – experiments and modelling
Plenary lecture
George Kiriakidis – Ceramic nanomaterials on different matrices towards a healthier indoor environment
Keynote lecture
paper presentation
Rui M. Novais – Lightweight waste-containing geopolymers for novel applications
Yao-Hung Tseng – Engineered stone made of modified BOF slag paper presentation
Rosa-María Ramírez-Zamora – CO2 capture at high temperature using slag – derived lithium silicates paper presentation
Jos Denissen – On the foaming kinetics for the synthesis of porous inorganic polymers paper presentation
Acacio Rincon – Novel “Inorganic Gel Casting” process for the manufacturing of glass-ceramic foams paper presentation
Lubica Kriskova – Effect of activating solution on the synthesis and properties of porous Fe-Si-Ca-rich inorganic polymers paper presentation
Yu Li – Converting steel slag into Si-Ca based building ceramics paper presentation

Session 7: Slags in a circular economy

  • Environmental impacts of new binders
  • Exergy of slag solidification/metal recovery processes
  • Economic feasibility of slag-based binders and cements
  • Economic incentives for slag valorization and other policy instruments
  • Environmental and economic consequences of slag valorization
  • Slag valorization in relation to downcycling, industrial symbiosis, …
Session 7: Slags in a circular economy
Stefanie Hellweg – MSWI slag in a circular economy: metal recovery and resource quality
Plenary lecture
paper presentation
Ernst Worrell – Meeting our material services within planetary boundaries
Plenary lecture
paper presentation
Dirk Mudersbach – Sustainable utilisation of EAF slag by successful research and optimised operational practice
Keynote lecture
paper presentation
Justin. S. J. Hargreaves – Laboartory scale extraction and further transformation of the iron component of red
paper presentation
Henning Schliephake – The nowaste strategy of Georgsmarienhütte – an illusion or reality? paper presentation
Karin Willquist – Critical metal extraction from municipal solid waste incineration ashes and the impact on a circular economy paper presentation
Rafael Schouwenaars – Use of metallurgical slag for the removal of B and As from highly contaminated water resources in two Mexican regions: mechanisms and efficiency paper
Ioanna Papayianni – Feasibility study and criteria for EAF slag utilisation in concrete products paper
Chenna Rao Borra – A brief review on recovery of cerium from glass polishing waste paper presentation
Liesbeth Horckmans – Upgrading of secondary lead smelting residue to secondary iron ore paper presentation
Jeroen Jordens – Networks of infrastructure zerowaste cluster paper presentation
Fei Wang – Reaction mechanism study on carbothermal reduction of chromite paper presentation
Annelies Malfliet & Remus Ion Iacobescu Closing speech Slag Valorisation Symposium
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Notification of acceptance November 15, 2016
Extended paper submission deadline February 1, 2017
Early bird registration deadline February 15, 2017
Final Programme April 1, 2017
Symposium April 3-5, 2017

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