The Department of Metallurgy was founded in 1930, and is currently named Department of Materials Engineering (MTM). It is part of the Faculty of Engineering Science within the KU Leuven. The Department MTM is responsible for education, research and services in the field of materials science, balancing fundamental and applied research under the umbrella of sustainability. Important values are relevance for society, continuity and trust and confidentiality in long-term-co-operation with strong industrial partners.

The research activities are organized into three research units:

  • SCALINT (Structural Composites and Alloys, Integrity and Non-destructive Testing)
    • Composite materials
    • Metals and Alloys
    • Materials performance and non-destructive testing
  • SeMPeR (Sustainable Metals Processing and Recycling)
    • High Temperature Processes and Industrial Ecology
    • Sustainability Assessments of Material Life Cycles
    • Solidification and Microstructure Simulation
  • SIEM (Surface and Interface Engineered Materials)
    • Materials for living systems
    • Advanced Ceramics and Powder Metallurgy
    • Materials with Novel Functionality

The new materials and material production and material transformation processes that are developped in the department contribute to the technologies and applications of tomorrow. The research activities of the Department MTM are funded by the University, the Flemish, Belgian and European governments, as well as numerous industrial partners. This investment in research facilities and the deployment of nearly 200 co-workers at MTM, has made possible numerous technical achievements and important research results on an international level.



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Supported by the SIM²KU Leuven Consortium and the Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling (CR³)



Key dates

Extended abstract submission deadline September 30, 2016
Notification of acceptance November 15, 2016
Extended paper submission deadline February 1, 2017
Early bird registration deadline February 15, 2017
Final Programme April 1, 2017
Symposium April 3-5, 2017

Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy

Selected papers will be considered for publication in a Special Issue in the Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy.

Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy