The day before the start of the 6th International Slag Valorisation Symposium, two half-day workshops dedicated to the use of a particular technique to valorise industrial by-products and residues are organised. We invite both the Symposium participants and other interested persons to register for these workshops on the April 1, 2019 through the online registration tool. To ensure the possibility of the participants to interact with the lecturers, the number of participants to each workshop is limited to 25.

These workshops will start with a general introduction to the technique, providing sufficient details on the basics of the science and technology, to enable also newcomers in the field to follow the course. In addition to the basics we highlight the important aspects of the techniques to enable their application within the field of industrial residue treatment and illustrating this with case studies. These workshops are in the format of lectures by both academic and industrial experts within the field, in combination with a discussion forum in which the participants are invited to interact with the lecturers and discuss topics of interest in more detail.

Workshop on carbonation technology for residue valorisation

  • General principle of carbon mineralisation
    • Lecturer: Dr. Giulia Costa (Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Science Engineering at the University of Rome)
  • CO2 storage and leaching behavior
    • Lecturer: Dr. Giulia Costa (Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Science Engineering at the University of Rome)
  • The Resource-Process-Product triptych
    • Lecturer: Prof. Florent Bourgeois (Chemical and Process Engineering at the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse)
  • Application of carbonation to develop new products
    • Lecturer: Dirk Van Mechelen/Ghania Ounoughene (Orbix)
    • Lecturer: Eric De Coninck (ArcelorMittal)
  • Discussion forum

Workshop on inorganic polymer technology for residue valorisation

  • Basic principles of inorganic polymers
    • Lecturer: Prof. Hubert Rahier (Department of Materials and Chemistry at the Free University of Brussels)
  • The development of new products using inorganic polymer binders
    • Lecturer: Lukas Arnout (Resourcefull)
  • Alternative resources: inorganic polymers and dredging
    • Lecturer: Han Van Voorst (IHC Medusa)
  • Novel production routes: 3D printing of inorganic polymers
    • Lecturer: Eric Geboers (Concr3De)
  • Discussion forum