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Session 1: Geopolymers, alkali activation and high temperature residues
  Presentation Introduction to the Symposium (Peter Tom Jones) and Launch of CR³ (Bart Blanpain)
Paper Presentation Review lecture: Joseph Davidovits
"Application of Ca-based geopolymer with blast furnace slag, a review"
Paper Presentation Specific case 1: Donald E. Macphee, Ines Garcia-Lodeiro
"Activation of aluminosilicates - some chemical considerations"
Paper Presentation Specific case 2: Konstantinos Komnitsas, Ioanna Kourti, Silviana Onisei, Yiannis Pontikes, Chris Cheeseman, Petru Moldovan, Aldo Boccaccini
"Geopolymerisation potential of metallurgical slags and plasma treated APC residues"
Paper Presentation Jannie S. J. Van Deventer, John L. Provis, Peter Duxson
"The role of chemical research in the commercial adoption of alkali activated concrete"
Session 2: Innovative construction materials taking advantage of slags and other high temperature residues
Paper Presentation Review lecture: Christopher Cheeseman
"Production of sintered lightweight aggregate using waste ash and other industrial residues"
Paper Presentation Peter Gunning, Colin Hills, Aurora Antemir, Paula Carey
"Novel approach to the valorisation of ashes using aggregation by carbonation"
Paper Presentation Yiannis Pontikes, Dimitri Boufounos, George N. Angelopoulos
"Case studies for the valorisation of Bayer's process bauxite residue: aggregates, ceramics, glass-ceramics, cement and catalysis"
Paper Presentation Luc Boehme, Dirk Van Den Hende
"Ferromolybdenum slag as valuable resource material for the production of concrete blocks"
Paper Presentation Dirk Van Mechelen, Evelyne Nguyen, Sven Rijskens
"Valorisation of stainless steel slags: Zero Waste concept"
Paper Presentation Christopher Chapman, Richard Taylor, David Deegan
"Thermal plasma processing in the production of value added products from municipal solid waste (MSW) derived sources"
Session 3: Environmental and legislative barriers for slag and residue valorisation
Paper Presentation Review lecture: Geert Cornelis, Tom Van Gerven, Carlo Vandecasteele, Jason K. Kirby, Mike J. Mclaughlin
"Geochemical constraints in slag valorisation: the case of oxyanions and nanoparticles"
Paper Presentation Hans Van der Sloot, Andre van Zomeren, Rob Comans, Ole Hjelmar
"Harmonisation of leaching test methods in support of EU regulations controlling the beneficial use of industrial slag in construction"
Paper Presentation Ruth Bialucha, Thomas Merkel, Heribert Motz
"European environmental policy and its influence on the use of slag products"
Paper Presentation Andres Van Brecht, Alain Konings
"Innovative and BREF proven material recycling of MSWI bottom ashes"
Session 4: Hot stage slag engineering as a method to improve slag valorisation options
Paper Presentation Review lecture 1: Fredrik Engström, Yiannis Pontikes, Daneel Geysen, Peter Tom Jones, Bo Björkman, Bart Blanpain
"Review: Hot stage engineering to improve slag valorisation options"
Paper Presentation Review lecture 2: Guangqiang Li, Hongwei Ni
"Recent progress of hot stage processing for steelmaking slags in China considering stability and heat recovery"
Paper Presentation P. Chris Pistorius
"Titania slag smelting and calcination of crude zinc oxide: examples of processing under thermodynamic and kinetic constraints"
Paper   Xiaorui Zhang, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Fumitaka Tsukihashi
"Utilisation of steelmaking slag for improvement of coastal environment"
Paper Presentation Toshihiro Tanaka, Masanori Suzuki
"Trial of capillary refining by porous CaO with molten slag"
Paper Presentation R. Vasant Kumar, Jianghua Liu
"Opportunity for using steelmaking/EAF or BOF laden dust to desulphurise hot metal"
Paper Presentation Dirk Mudersbach, Peter Drissen, Heribert Motz
"Improved slag qualities by liquid slag treatment"
Paper Presentation Yiannis Pontikes, Lubica Kriskova, Xuan Wang, Daneel Geysen, Sander Arnout, Els Nagels, Özlem Cizer, Tom Van Gerven, Jan Elsen, Muxing Guo, Peter Tom Jones, Bart Blanpain
"Additions of industrial residues for hot stage engineering of stainless steel slags"
Paper   Shin-ya Kitamura, Hiroyuki Shibata, Sun-joong Kim, Takuya Teradoko, Nobuhiro Maruoka, Katsunori Yamaguchi
"Novel process for recycling valuable elements from steelmaking slag"
Paper Presentation Hakan Cengizler, R. Hurman Eric
"Recovery of germanium from lead blast furnace slag"
Paper Presentation Cui Peng, Xin Zhi, Minyuan Gu, Ruifei He, Zhancheng Guo
"Recycling of some steel industrial solid wastes for high-value material applications"
Paper Presentation Yanping Xiao, Yongxiang Yang, Rob Boom
"High temperature processing of secondary metallurgical resources"
Paper Presentation Frederik Verhaeghe, Flor Goubin, Begum Yazicioglu, Maarten Schurmans, Ben Thijs, Guy Haesebroek, Jan Tytgat, Maurits Van Camp
"Valorisation of battery recycling slags"
  Presentation Closing of the Symposium
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