General framework

Three day International Academic Symposium on the valorisation of slags and other high temperature residues.

Four Symposium Sessions (18-20/4/2011)

  • 18/4: Geopolymers, alkali activation and high temperature residues (4 lectures)
  • 19/4: Innovative construction materials taking advantage of slags and other high temperature residues (6 lectures)
  • 19/4: Environmental and legislative barriers for slag and residu valorisation (4 lectures)
  • 20/4: Hot stage slag engineering as a method to improve slag valorisation options (6 + 6 lectures)


High temperature residues, Hot stage slag processing, New slag applications, Geopolymers, Alkali Activation, Slag cooling methods, Slag mineralogy, Slag valorisation and regulations, Leaching science

Invited speakers

26 specialists and/or high level representatives of the key institutes in this field (academia and industry) have been invited to give a lecture on one of the topics listed above. The invited scientific lectures cover a specific topic in a relatively detailed way. The papers of the invited speakers will be distributed to the participants at the beginning of the Symposium in an official Symposium book.

Poster session (18-20/4/2011)

Researchers and other actors are invited to present a poster during the lunch and coffee breaks. A standard poster template is to be used.

Deadlines for speakers and poster presentations

Papers need to be sent to before 20/2/2011. This is a sharp deadline in order to be able to produce the Symposium book in time, including a reviewing procedure by a Board of Scientific Advisers. Poster titles (together with the authors' list and a short abstract) need to be delivered upon registration.


Due to practical reasons only 150 participants (including speakers and organisers) can take part in the Symposium. Registration is performed through the on-line registration page.

Registration fee

Early Registration fee (before 1/2/2011): € 250
Late registration fee: € 350
(The Registration fee gives includes a copy of the Symposium Book, the Symposium Reception (18/4), Lunch on 19-20/4, Coffee on 18-20/4 and the Symposium Dinner (19/4).)

(Exempted are: Speakers, K.U.Leuven Association SMaRT-Pro² researchers, Industrial Members from "Centre for High Temperature Processes, Metallurgy and Refractory Materials" and "Centre for Resource Recovery and Recycling-EU Branch" (€ 30 for Symposium Dinner))

Contact persons


Dr. Peter Tom Jones (Industrial Research Fellow K.U.Leuven, Pyrometallurgy and Industrial Ecology):

Practical questions

Key contact person for all practical, administrative, financial questions is Aniko Lantos (MTM):

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